Clock In from Any Phone

Dial In From a Phone and even SMS

How does the phone clock work?

You would be able to clock-in and record shift notes through the phone and SMS clock.

Phone and SMS clock functions are only available in the US and Canada. You have to link your phone number to your employee in the phone settings. You can also enable the SMS clock-in function by selecting the enable SMS option.

To use the phone clock, just call the Breeze Clock phone numbers with the linked phone number. (US: (415) 692-3500 / Canada: (647) 560-0599 )

For SMS, just send a text to the Breeze Clock numbers with the command, i.e. IN (to clock in). You can also see a list of recent entries by texting PREV or RECENT. A list of SMS commands is sent after linking the phone number in the settings.

How does the phone clock work?

How do I record shift notes from the phone?

You can also record shift notes through the phone. From the phone, press the option to record a voice message, and the voice message can then be played back from the computer.

How do I record shift notes from the phone clock?

How do I record shift notes from SMS?

From SMS, after texting the key command, just write in your description. (i.e. IN. arrived at client site) or text it separately after you have clocked in.

How do I record shift notes from the phone clock?

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