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Free Templates for Weekly and Monthly Timesheet in Excel

Weekly and Monthly Templates for Excel and PDF, Downloadable and Printable


Timesheet template is one of the most important tools for managers and employees to keep track of the time spent on projects, tasks and assignments. It helps to keep an accurate record of the time spent by employees on different activities, especially when they work remotely or outside the office.

Keeping track of your working hours is also a good way to keep track of your productivity levels for each pay period. If you see that your productivity levels are low this week compared to last week, then it might be worth looking at what changed in your life over those two weeks.

If you want to use free timesheet templates, here are some free printable timesheet templates in Excel and PDF format that you can use.

This is a simple Excel timesheet template that you can use to track your time. The excel timesheet templates are simple and easy to use with Microsoft Excel. You can also download the monthly timesheet template from this page.

Weekly Timesheet Template

Weekly Timesheet Template is a simple and easy to use timesheet template for Excel. It is designed in such a way that it can be used by any employee who works on hourly basis. The template allows you to enter your work hours and the number of hours spent on each project during the week. You can also add comments about your work if required. This spreadsheet also helps you calculate your weekly overtime hours and calculate the total amount earned during the week. Whether your company uses a biweekly pay periods or payroll is done on a weekly basis, this template can be used in place of a biweekly timesheet template to fill in your weekly hours.


Monthly Timesheet Template

If you want something more detailed than a weekly timesheet template, then this monthly timesheet template should do the trick! It has columns for daily tasks broken down into hourly increments and notes for each day so you can add more details about what exactly you did during that period of time, but on a monthly basis.


Benefits of using Timesheet Templates

We've created a free timesheet template for both weekly and monthly pay period. It's simple to use, so there's no need to worry about any complicated calculations or formulas.

You just need to enter your start date, end date, hours worked during the week/month and the project name or client name that you're working for. This will allow you to quickly create reports for your clients or employer after each pay period has ended.

You can customize the excel timesheet template as per your needs and make sure that your employees are submitting the correct data only which can be used for payroll calculation in an accurate manner.

Use the free Excel timesheet template to manage your time wisely and get paid for your efforts.

Time tracking is one of the most important parts of any business because it helps you to track how much time was spent on different projects, tasks and other activities performed by employees. Using a timesheet template helps you to determine if you are spending too much time on a specific task or not enough time on another task etc. So with this information at hand we can then decide whether or not we need more resources or need to get rid of some resources so that we can focus on other things which are more important in our business model or structure etc…

In order to be effective at recording time spent on different projects I suggest using a simple excel spreadsheet where you can enter all your hours worked during the week/month so that you can keep track of them easily later on when it comes time for review/audit purposes. When employees fill out their weekly timesheet template, the office assistant should also file it away and keep organized records of the timesheets.

Time sheets are often used in companies where employees are paid by the hour. This is to ensure that they do not exceed their agreed working hours, which could lead to overtime payments or penalties.

Employees can use the timesheet template to fill in their regular and overtime hours, which are usually prepared monthly or weekly, based on the frequency of payment made by the employer. This can also be used as a substitute for biweekly timesheet template. In some cases, time sheets may be prepared daily or even hourly and their total weekly hours can be easily added up on the timesheet template. The timesheet template can be prepared manually or electronically using software programs available online and both can be used as part of the payroll process. Approved timesheets would then be sent to the payroll specialist to calculate hours for each employee and their total pay.


Tracking Billable Hours with Timesheet Templates

Billable hours can also be filled out on the timesheets. It's easy to track billable hours if you need a weekly project timesheet template, or want to generate complex project reports for multiple projects for clients. Typically this is a time consuming process to maintain a project timesheet, but it is really easy to use this timesheet template to calculate their total hours worked or to track individual tasks. Project timesheets provides important documentation when billing clients as keeping an audit trail can help justify and explain the project budgets.

If you need a project timesheet, I would suggest to use the weekly timesheet template for Excel as worked hours can be automatically calculated in just a few clicks. Lunch breaks can also be recorded as they are usually not billed to the client but could still be hours that your company pays for. Hence it is vital that regular hours worked and lunch hours are also tracked.

Weekly Construction Timesheet Template

Construction projects could also benefit from using a weekly construction timesheet template to track time. Project managers need to track internal costs and time managing the different contractors, so keeping a good record of time spent on each project can help project managers bill the clients without causing too much push back or friction from the client. Construction workers tend not to be too focused on tracking time as it can be quite cumbersome, so using a timesheet app would be more suitable as it be done with just one click on their phones.

Cloud Based Timesheet Template

If you want to use real time timesheet with real time reports, then google sheets could be perfect for that. But you would have to be create your own custom reports to link with the timesheet template. If you want to record specific notes to the project, google docs can be used to supplement that additional timesheet information, and can be edited by multiple employees.

Using a Timesheet App on a Mobile Phone

But if you prefer to access the hours workers worked on a mobile phone, I would suggest using a timesheet app for tracking time. Most people use Microsoft Excel to manage their time, but I like to use Google Sheets for my time tracking because it is easy to share and access from any device.

It has multiple features to track time and is much easier to use compared to an excel spreadsheet or google sheets. The records are saved automatically while the employees update their time, and can automatically calculate their total hours, unlike using a spreadsheet based template, such as a timesheet template. It would also have additional features such as GPS location tracking, and geofencing, as well as time tracking for their work hours.

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