5 Ways Breeze Clock Will Improve Your Business

How Breeze Clock gives you the insights and tools to save administrative time and costs


Save Payroll Processing Time & Costs

Collecting timesheets and adding up time cards costs your personal time and your employee's time each week. Balancing between running your business and setting time aside each week to run payroll, can be difficult. Not to mention the hours spent on each payroll run can add up over the year. This is a repetitive task that can be automated and done with all the gross time and wage calculations done correctly. Incorrect overtime calculations can cause additional headaches and wages disputes. Even with a well worked Excel spreadsheet, finding and entering everyone's records is a huge time sink. With Breeze Clock, all the data is electronic and payroll reports are generated automatically. You can reduce payroll time dramatically and save time managing time sheets.

Eliminate Buddy Punch & Data Entry Mistakes

Labor costs is one of the most costly aspects of running a business, and you shouldn't pay for time that your employees didn’t work for. Not to mention employee absences and tardiness costs businesses as well. A time tracking system is designed to improve these time leakages and improve attendance habits. Buddy punch can be reduced and eliminated with secured user accounts before each access, and clock-in locations are tracked, to avoid clock-in from other locations. Being able to produce accurate labor records not only helps your payroll specialists, but also your project budgeting by having accurate time estimates.

Recover Lost Revenue from Billable Time Disputes

Recover lost money from not tracking billable time and labor cost with Breeze Clock. Billing disputes costs businesses tens of thousands of dollars each year. The lost time and expenses from billing disputes can cause business owners frustrations, and more importantly lost revenues. Not to mention the process of dealing with each of the disputes takes additional time and energy away from what you were doing. Breeze clock is a solution that lets you track time spent working for a client. Being able to clock-in and out on the job site for employees will help you bill clients correctly each and every time and recover those lost revenues. Not having to deal with invoice disputes will let you be more productive and gives you more time to do what you do best. Breeze Clock is an investment that produces an ROI with proven results.

Easy to Set Up for Your Business

Breeze Clock is easy to set up and quick to integrate into your business. We've taken the pain out of getting started with a new time tracking software. Our simple, easy-to-use web and mobile app allows you to get setup and do your first clock-in within 1 minute.

A Huge Return On Investment

With pricing that starts at as little as $9 per month and proven results that show 75% decreases in time spent on payroll, Breeze Clock produces an ROI that our competitors can't compete with. On average, Breeze Clock customers save $10 for every $1 spent on Breeze Clock. There reduced labor time leakages and the administrative time spent for payroll is hugely reduced by using a systematic and accurate method of tracking time. Time tracking with Breeze Clock produces an ROI with proven results.

Trusted by Businesses

The really beautiful thing about Breeze Clock is that I can be just about anywhere, yet still know precisely who’s working where, who’s late, who’s called in sick. It’s fully accessible 24/7.

Matthew Karpf


Communication on Breeze Clock is excellent. Everyone is well informed and therefore highly reliable. Our time and attendance records are minute perfect.

Brian Herve

New Jersey

When I found Breeze Clock, it was an answered prayer. As part of processing payroll, I have to figure out and pay staff for their over-time. I was having to get my calculator out and manually calculate the overtime rates. Breeze Clock transfers all of that data at the click of a button, so it’s a very convenient solution.

Stephanie Gene

Accountant, Idaho

I can log in to Breeze Clock, jump into the approved screen, and then I process the payroll and let the batch go. All it takes is three or four clicks on the computer. Breeze Clock has freed up my time tremendously. It just takes a few minutes now to undertake all my administrative tasks and the amount of time I have saved is just mind-blowing. I guess I was a little skeptical at first but Breeze Clock has been perfect for me.

Stephanie Gene

Accountant, Idaho

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