Payroll is one of the major costs to running a business.

Keep tabs on your labor costs anytime, anywhere.

  • Clock In Anywhere

    The Online Time Clock works on any device - the desktop, iPad or mobile phone. Access the online time clock even when your employee is on the road or at a second location. No need to purchase a 2nd time clock.

  • Overtime, Paid Time Off, Holidays

    Create professional reports for payroll quickly and easily - no tech skills needed. Overtime and Paid Time Off is automatically calculated. Public holidays are also customizable depending on your region.

  • Track Accurate Hours

    Get better estimates for all your projects and track work hours accurately - No more paper time cards and manual calculating hours. Electronic records eliminates wage disputes on time shorted or overpaying wages.

  • Faster Paychecks

    Save several hours every week when doing payroll. Process payroll 10 times quicker than manually adding up time totals using a pen and paper or Excel. Now payroll takes about 2 minutes to figure out instead of 10 or 20 minutes.

Simple, intuitive, easy to use time tracking

The pain-free payroll & Simple, intuitive, easy to use employee time tracker you’ve been waiting for

Wouldn’t you like to cut down on repetitive admin tasks and make sure your employees bill all the hours they work, whether they’re in the office or on the road?

Tracking your work time more effectively means more profits for your business – but when you’re busy, it’s easy to lose track of how much time everybody spends where, especially if your business needs shift workers, requires staff to do regular overtime or meet clients on the road.

Plus, everybody hates timesheets! Organizing them can take hours out of your working week – time you could be spending growing your business, attracting new customers and making sure your loyal customers keep coming back.

Breeze Clock - Online Time Tracking

Instead of doing manual data entry, spend that time growing your business

Timesheets, approvals, job tracking, shift notes, payroll calculations

Breeze Clock - Online Time Tracking

Pain-free, hassle-free payroll runs are now a reality with the help of Breeze Clock. We help you get your payroll tasks done fast – you won’t need to sort through piles of timesheets and calculate hours worked again! Breeze Clock does it all for you!

Just imagine how much you’ll get done when you no longer have to worry about chasing timesheets, collating them and working out who did what when! And you get added peace of mind knowing all your payroll will add up automatically… perfectly… every time.

Track time anywhere from your phone with Breeze Clock's mobile app

These mobile apps let you submit time entries and review the results instantly with GPS tracking. To start recording GPS locations, simply download the mobile app version of Breeze Clock from the Apple App Store or Google Play store .

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Breeze Clock - Mobile App

Export Data to ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now

You can speed up your payroll runs, by importing the report totals without any manual typing.

Simply download the export file for the report, and import it into ADP Workforce Now. (read more)

Track Time and Attendance Instantly & Make Payroll Runs Simpler

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Optimize your timesheets now with a smarter way to log time

Here's how Breeze Clock gives you more time to do what you do best

  • Payroll Reports
  • Real-time punch clock
  • Digital time records
  • Timesheet approvals
  • Shift planning
  • Manager comments
  • PTO accruals & balances
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Tamper Proof
  • IP restriction
  • Job code tracking
  • Professional reporting
  • Overtime calculations
  • Meal breaks & Holidays

Track Time and Attendance Instantly & Make Payroll Runs Simpler

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Easy, User-Friendly Time Tracking

With Breeze Clock, time tracking has never been easier. Our employee time clock is employee friendly, and lets you log and collate staff hours with a click of a button. As an option, you can also allow workers to edit time entries and job codes.

Get Notified When an Employee Clocks In

Get notified whenever a employee clocks in, you can instantly get notified on your phone or email.

GPS Tracking on Mobile Phones

Simple online access means your employees can log their work hours from anywhere, even with GPS location tracking via their mobile phones.

Phone & SMS Clock In

Need to clock in from a remote job site, but no data plan? Now you can clock in by calling in or sending a SMS to clock-in. The status is synced automatically, so even if your staff works at multiple locations, they can still track time.

No Ink Ribbons or Ordering Paper Time Cards

No need to re-order ink ribbons or cartridges. Faded print and cleaning print heads is a thing of the past. With Breeze Clock, you won't have to read faded ink or have mis-aligned time punches. Using paper time cards that can't be reproduced means you have to keep track of inventory and constantly re-order.

Professional Reports

Breeze Clock's built for business owners. Organize your timecards and spreadsheets instantly. Now payroll takes about 2 minutes to figure out instead of ten or twenty.

Tamper Proof

No need to second guess the time records, whether someone was shorted time or logged inappropriate overtime. You can restrict settings so employees can only clock in and out, to record their actual time at work. You can also restrict employees to clock in only from a specific IP address.

Set up is a Breeze

Our simple, intuitive design means anyone can track time, create professional reports and get sign off on billable hours, regardless of their technical skills. Sign up today and get started in seconds.

Breeze Clock is simply the most convenient payroll solution for small & medium businesses on the market.

But don’t take our word for it, Sign Up for FREE and Try It Out! There’s no contract, no commitments, just smarter time tracking that helps you beef up your bottom line.

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