The Employee Time Clock: Everything You Need to Know

A guide on how you can benefit from better employee time tracking

Time theft is a serious issue in the workplace especially for small businesses, with an estimated $200 billion lost each year due to time theft.
Employee time theft can take many forms, from buddy punching to taking unauthorized breaks. All of these cost businesses money and can impact the bottom line.
The Employee Time Clock is a time-tracking solution that helps businesses track employee hours and identify potential time theft issues. With the time clock software, you can rest assured that your employees are working the hours they're supposed to be working.

Employee Time Clock App

Employee time clocks are essential pieces of software for businesses that need to track their team's hours and projects with accuracy. This versatile technology allows employers to monitor attendance, shift lengths, overtime, and other metrics in real-time all while using a centralized system.
Employee time clocks can be biometric systems that help streamline time tracking and accurately report labor costs in the workplace. These biometric clocks use fingerprints, handprints, or retinal scans to authenticate attendance and monitor the start and end times of employee shifts.
By eliminating manual time tracking, these biometric time clocks can ultimately reduce human errors in payroll reports as well as save employers as much as 8% of their labor costs. Employers who invest in biometric employee time clocks enjoy accurate workforce tracking along with improved payroll accuracy and process efficiency.

Breeze Clock Apps

Breeze Clock Apps provides digital time clock solutions for small businesses and large corporations alike. These apps allow businesses to accurately track employee time without the extra hassle and expense of traditional time clocks. They also offer flexibility that allows multiple time clocks to be easily managed in one central location. With their simple setup and intuitive features, Breeze Clock Apps make tracking time easier than ever before -- helping businesses get more out of their workdays!

Why Choose Breeze Clock App for Your Business

Breeze Clock is the perfect hours worked tracker for any business that needs attendance systems. It is a cloud-based attendance solution, so you don't need a cumbersome physical device or software installation to get tracking. Thanks to its intuitive interface, businesses of all sizes can quickly and easily monitor hours worked, without wasted hours spent learning complex instructions. Breeze Clock is a great option for those looking for an effective way to accurately track hours and offer employees and contractors the flexibility they need.
With just a click, employee clock-in and out can now be done with ease. Not in office? No problem! With an innovative remote workforce, you can manage your employee's activity in real-time access, no matter where they are! The reports that this software provides are comprehensive, easily readable, and understandable.
Plus, on-the-go time and attendance adjustments are just a click away. And with smart shift persistence technology, you're given maximum control to maintain optimal overtime thresholds and configure lunch breaks among other things. Sign up today and enjoy all the amazing features that it has to offer.
Breeze Clock is a cloud-based time tracker that offers a huge range of features. Besides overtime alerts, the tracker also allows users to request time off and set up audit trails. An additional security feature is the ability to whitelist IP addresses that an employee can use to clock in. This is really helpful if you want employees to only be able to use certain locations or a computer or mobile device to check in - such as the office wi-fi network. Mobile apps can also be used, making Breeze Clock super convenient for employees and businesses alike.
By utilizing time-tracking features, businesses are able to manage schedules more accurately and efficiently than ever before. With attendance software, employers are able to create reports that will show how many hours employees have worked in a time period of their choosing such as weeks, months, or any custom time frame. This is especially useful for making sure everyone is updated on their time management and for making sure your business is meeting certain labor laws and regulations, particularly when working on a crowded job site.
Breeze Clock is the perfect, cost-effective solution for any small business looking to transition away from paper time cards and into a more sophisticated time clock system. With Breeze Clock, you can easily track employee data such as their clocking activities and total hours worked. You'll also be able to assign tasks quickly and make changes in real time. And the best part - is it's totally affordable! Starting off at just $15 per month, why wait? Try Breeze Clock today and see how much easier managing your employees can be.

How Employee Time Clock Can Help Your Business

An employee time clock is a valuable tool for businesses as it helps to streamline operations, reduce labor costs and increase accountability. Using an employee time clock eliminates manual tracking of hours that can cause inaccuracies and administrative problems.
By switching to an automated solution, business owners can be certain their staff are working the required hours and quickly identify discrepancies or inefficiencies in the system. When used properly, an employee time clock provides real-time data that employers can use to identify areas for improvement and effectively manage overtime costs.
The benefits of implementing an employee time clock range from reducing payroll expenses to improving accuracy, efficiency and morale in the workplace; a small investment that may provide huge returns for any business.

Features of Employee Time Clock

A digital time clock is a must-have for any workplace that monitors employee's hours or tasks. It provides an accurate picture of when employees come to work and leave, as well as understanding how much work is accomplished in the given time. To make the most use of a digital time clock, look for one with features like mobile access, automated reports, GPS tracking, and real-time dashboards.
That way, managers can access data as needed on any device and ensure timely reporting of employee hours. Automated report feature can also make auditing processes more streamlined. Additionally, GPS tracking ensures accurate timesheets since it logs the exact timelines of when employees were on-site for shifts.
Real-time dashboards will give employers insight into which area/employee are doing well or underperforming from shift to shift so they can accurately adjust their approach accordingly.
Below are must have features for any employee time clock:

  1. GPS capabilities: A reliable time clock will include GPS capabilities that let firms tag numerous system locations. Managers can employ numerous systems in different places by incorporating GPS functionality because the software will identify the source of the timesheets and data for complete transparency and correctness.
  2. Integration of third-party apps: Companies frequently utilize a variety of programs and applications to support their internal operations. Because of this, selecting a time clock software that supports interaction with third-party programs enables organizations to easily take care of all of their requirements.
  3. Functionality and reporting tools: Time clock software should offer reports to users for deeper company understanding. These reporting features can support organizations in tracking data and estimating their future demands for task costing and scheduling.

How Employee Time Clock apps work

Employee time clock apps are revolutionizing the way that businesses track the attendance and productivity of their employees. By using these apps, employers can easily keep track of employee hours, check-in and out times, and scheduled shift lengths. Employees simply need to register with the app, enter their job titles and other associated details, then use their phones or company-provided phones to clock in and out for each shift.
Companies benefit from faster turnaround times when processing payroll reports, elimination of paperwork, more accurate reporting through specialized software, and reduced cost due to decreased reliance on time clock hardware. With an employee time clock app increasingly becoming a common sight in many workplaces, companies are able to realize significant cost savings while ensuring high-quality attendance management processes.
Breeze Clocks offers employee scheduling and track time features to help manage employee hours. The app allows employers to quickly and easily track employee days through a secure PIN code or geofence when employees clock in or out. Employees can click "Clock In" on the app, which keeps an accurate record of employee start and end times. This feature simplifies employee scheduling and timesheet entry, eliminating the need for manually entering employee hours. Breeze Clocks is a reliable solution for employee time tracking and labor monitoring needs.
Employee time clock apps provide an efficient and free way of tracking hours and managing the workforce. The free time clock app allows employers to quickly track their employees' time worked during each pay period, which can save time, money, and hassle when scheduling personnel. These apps generally allow for manual or GPS- enabled punch-in/out time tracking as well as daily summaries, printable reports or even notifications when pre-set limits are reached. With an employee time clock app, employers can ensure that their employees' work hours are tracked accurately and fairly by both parties involved.

The list of Benefits of the Employee Time Clock app are:

  1. It provides convenient tracking of employee shifts, allowing managers to quickly access important information instantly on a secure platform.
  2. Employees can use the app to log in and out of their shifts easily, which reduces the time taken up by tedious paperwork.
  3. They also have access to reminders and notifications, so that they can stay informed about schedule changes or other essential updates during their shift.
  4. Overall, the Employee Time Clock app offers an easier way for employers to monitor employees' work hours while affording them many useful features.


What is the overall best employee time clock for small business owners?

The best employee time clock software contains a range of clock-in/clock-out options, mobile app access, cutting-edge location tracking technology, and customizable reporting capabilities.
Breeze Clock has all the features packaged in this software for small businesses since it provides time and attendance tracking, online clock-in/out choices for an in-office or remote staff, and a free trial to the subscription for unlimited usage.

How do employers track hours?

Being able to track employee hours is important for any business. There are various ways that employers can track employee hours. One way is by having employees clock in and out at the beginning and end of their shifts.
Another way is by tracking the amount of time that an employee spends on a task. Employers can also use GPS to track employee hours if they are in the field. If you are looking for a way to accurately track employee hours, you can use an employee time clock.

Can my boss see my screen time?

Although your boss may not be able to see exactly what you're doing on your computer, they can tell how long you've been at one location. So, if you're worried about your boss seeing your screen time, the answer is no - they can't see it. However, there are other ways to limit their ability to do so, such as using a VPN or logging out of sensitive accounts before leaving work for the day.

How do you record an employee's time?

There are many ways to keep track of employee time. You can use an online timesheet system, put up a physical punch clock, or have employees log their hours in a workbook. No matter what method you choose, make sure it is accurate and efficient. Time tracking is an important part of running a business, so find a system that works best for you and your team.

Should My Small Business Use Time Clock Software?

Other time tracking solutions can be replaced with time clock software since it streamlines the process and is simple for managers and staff to use. Using technology to measure time can save money, time, and effort because it automatically calculates, tracks, and records the number of hours each employee has worked.
Employing time clocks in the office may be a preferable option if your staff members struggle to complete and submit their timesheets each week. Small business time clock systems automatically complete employee timesheets that track work hours per shift and pay period without requiring the employee to present these sheets manually.
Staff will not have to spend time filling up timesheets and submitting them to management for evaluation because the software tracks an employee's work hours automatically from the moment they check in for a shift until they clock out. The program automatically completes the timesheets with the relevant information and delivers them right away to the manager or administrative user accounts online.

Bottom line

Employee time clocks are an important part of any business. By understanding how employee time clock systems work, you can ensure that your employees are productive and efficient. There are many different types of employee time clock systems available, so it is important to find one that best suits your needs. With a little research, we have found the perfect system for your business. Breeze Clock is the perfect employee time clock app for your business. 

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