A Simple Tool to Better Manage Employee Hours & Travel Time

Why Time Tracking Helps You Save Money: How Breeze Clock can help you manage your employees and save money.

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The problem with using paper or Excel to manage employee hours and travel time

Managing employee hours can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Employees' work times are often not captured accurately and consistently.

More importantly, employee time tracking helps businesses save money by reducing payroll costs, improving productivity and increasing the quality of service.

Time tracking software allows you to easily keep track of your employees' time so you know how much they're working — and if they're getting paid for it. It also lets you monitor their productivity so you know who's doing a good job, who needs training and who's slacking off.

Time tracking software automates the process of recording employee hours and travel time, making it easier for managers to review the data and make better business decisions.

Why Time Tracking Helps You Save Money

Time tracking is a simple way to get more out of your employees and save money. It's not just about knowing how much time they spend on the clock, but also what they're working on and how that's contributing to the bottom line.

If you're like most businesses these days, it can be hard to keep track of all the different projects your employees are working on. That's where time tracking comes in. With Breeze Clock's employee timesheet app, you'll know exactly where everyone is spending their time—and whether they're actually getting work done or have too much idle time on their hands.

The best part? You can see exactly what each employee has been working on throughout the day—and even after hours if necessary (if they're working remotely). This means that if they're not getting anything done during business hours, then maybe you need to reassign them to another project or adjust their job description to better utilize your workforce.

Time tracking records employee work hours in real-time

Breeze Clock is a simple tool that makes it easy to track employee travel time. With location tracking, you can see how much time each employee spends traveling between meetings or appointments. This information can help you understand how your company uses its resources and make smarter decisions about travel expenses in the future.

Employees that clock in late or out early without permission are draining your resources. If they've a habit of arriving late continually, they'll probably continue to do so if they're not being watched. The Breeze Clock app allows managers to set alerts so they know when an employee starts working, stops working, the locations they have visited during their shifts, and more. This helps them catch those who have a poor attendance record before it becomes too much of an issue for you and your business.

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Make smarter business decisions based on the data you collect

Time tracking software allows you to see how quickly or slowly your employees complete their tasks, so you can optimize workflows accordingly. If someone takes longer than average, this gives you the opportunity to look into what might be causing it (e.g., inefficient processes). You know how much time each employee spends on projects and tasks. This allows you to better allocate resources, from assigning new projects based on availability to finding out who’s best at what kind of work. It also gives you a better picture of how long it takes for certain tasks to get done so you can better manage project timelines and deadlines.

Finding Underutilized Employees. Are you paying for time you don't need?

You will also be able to see if any of your employees are working from home or on another client’s premises, so you won’t be surprised by any unexpected expenses or additional taxes.

If your employees have a lot of downtime between projects or meetings, it’s easy for them to find other things to do with their time instead of focusing on what they should be doing. In some cases, this could mean that they’re doing other jobs that aren’t directly related to the work they were hired for. By recording job codes while time tracking, you can easily see how much time is being wasted during the day without affecting productivity. This will allow you to make changes so that everyone stays focused on only what they need to get done.

Keeping Time and Travel Records. How Does Employee Travel Time Add Up?

If your employees travel for business purposes, you should consider managing their travel time through Breeze Clock. With location tracking, Breeze Clock will help you keep track of where your employees are at all times. It also allows you to create detailed entries so that you can see how much time was spent at specific locations and during specific events.

Breeze Clock lets you track the employee's location while they are clocked in. This feature is particularly useful when it comes to tracking travel time and mileage reimbursements because you can easily report on what employees are doing during this time, including their location and the employee can record their mileage traveled. You can also set up alerts so that you know when an employee clocks in or out during a given day.

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Tracking time can help keep everyone accountable

Employees are more likely to be on time if they know they have to clock in every day and clock out at the end of their shift. It’s easy for people to pad their hours when they work from home or on the road. When you don’t have access to accurate timesheets, it becomes difficult to know how much work each person is doing and how much it costs your company. That makes it difficult for managers to properly allocate resources based on workloads.

If you’re running a small business where everyone has multiple tasks and projects going on at once, it’s important for leaders to understand how much work each employee has done so far during the day — not just how much time they put in overall. Tracking hours allows managers and supervisors to see how much time each person spends on their tasks, to find underutilized employees so workload can be reallocated evenly.

Time tracking software makes it easy to approve or deny overtime requests

Using computer to process timesheets and payroll reduces the time HR spends calculating work hours the employee's work hours for overtime and eliminates potential human error while processing numerous timesheets. This can save you money by ensuring that workers are only compensated for the hours they actually work. Time tracking makes it easy for managers to approve or deny overtime requests because they can see exactly how much time an employee has worked each day as well as when they clocked in/out for each shift. Even if you're not paying overtime, time tracking makes it easier to manage employee schedules and track their productivity.

With Breeze Clock, you don't have to be at the office to track your employees' time

As a business owner, you know that time is money. And the more you can track and manage your employees' hours, the better able you are to keep costs down and increase productivity.

Overall, Breeze Clock is a cost-effective solution that any growing business can use to help manage employee time and increase the efficiency of their business. Breeze Clock allows you to manage employee hours, remotely monitor and track attendance, accrue PTO hours and more. If you want to save money, consider using a time tracking tool like Breeze Clock.

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