It's Time To Get Rid Of Inaccurate Timesheets

How to Reduce Payroll Errors from Inaccurate Timesheets: how companies can decrease time tracking errors.

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Inaccurate timesheets happen for a number of reasons. Most often, it's because the employee is not recording all the time they spent working. Other times, it's when an employee doesn't know how to properly log their hours. Whatever the reason, this is one problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible; inaccurate timesheets can lead to a lot of money being wasted due to payroll errors. In this post, we'll discuss why and how companies are able to decrease time tracking errors by using a time tracking app.

Why are Timesheets Inaccurate?

Timesheets are often the first tool to use to prevent payroll errors. But when timesheets are inaccurate, they can cost your business money. This is because many employees are still using paper time sheets that are often filled out incorrectly or late in the work week, making it difficult for managers to track their hours and plan their schedules.

Paper timesheets that are incorrectly filled in where employees round off the hours worked or they are forgetful and filled in hours that they didn't work. This leads to payroll errors that happens all the time with manual timesheets

Inaccurate Timesheets Cost Your Business Money

Inaccurate timesheets can result in employees being paid for hours they didn't work, which is obviously bad for the company. But more importantly, paper timesheets can have work hours rounded off, or totaled incorrectly, which leads to overpaying or underpaying work staff. Employees arriving late or leaving early also impacts the company financially, so it's important to track employee attendance using a technological solution.

Human Error Is The Main Cause Of Inaccurate Timesheets

Companies rely on employees to fill out their timesheets accurately and on time. However, employees can be forgetful or absent-minded and make mistakes when filling in their timesheets. Unreadable handwriting is also a reason for paystub disputes. This can lead to inaccurate records, which can be frustrating for managers who need accurate data to keep track of their employees’ performance.

When it comes to payroll errors, time tracking errors are one of the most costly mistakes that employers can make. If your employees aren’t filling out their timesheets correctly, then you won’t be able to accurately calculate their hours worked and you might end up paying them too much or not enough money each pay period.

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Time theft is a real thing

Time theft can happen unintentionally and it can still be costly for your company. Employees who are not honest about their time are stealing money from their company and costing them a lot of money in lost productivity.

Employees can also forget to clock in or out, so they end up getting paid for work they didn’t do at all (this happens a lot with hourly employees).

If someone knows that they can get away with working less hours, then why not? This is especially true if the manager doesn’t check in too often or doesn’t have any system in place that prevents this from happening.

A time clock app can help you reduce the risk of payroll errors by making it easier for employees to accurately track their hours worked each day and enter them into their time management software with less effort required.

How Can Employees and Managers Improve the Accuracy of their Timesheets?

Employees and managers alike can benefit from using a timesheet app. Time tracking apps are a great way to improve accuracy, save time and money, and increase productivity. An employee time tracking app allows managers to track employee hours in real-time, which means they can see when employees enter or exit the workplace at any given moment. This allows them to manage their staff more effectively by giving them the ability to see who is working when and for how long each day. It also prevents overworking employees or paying them for hours not worked. Additionally, employees can use these apps as well because they allow workers to track their own hours, which helps ensure that everything is being done correctly and on time.

Automated time tracking software can save businesses money

Automated timesheets are vital for both employers and employees. The cost of employee monitoring software is far less than what it costs to underpay or overpay an employee. Also, they help reduce payroll errors which prevents disputes and ultimately save both parties money in the long run.

Employees who don’t know how to fill out their timesheets properly will often make mistakes when recording their hours worked and breaks taken during the work day. When these mistakes are not caught by supervisors or managers, they are passed along to payroll so that employers end up paying employees for hours they didn’t actually work – which means lost profit for your company!

Running payroll requires time and labor. You can reduce the time it takes to run payroll

Running payroll is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. It can also be expensive, depending the frequency of the pay period. But there are ways to reduce the time it takes to run payroll, as well as decrease errors that can occur when employees are manually tracking their hours.

Using Excel to calculate manual timesheets can still lead to errors. Employees must manually enter the start and end times for each day they work and submit those times to managers. Managers then take those times and enter them into an Excel spreadsheet that calculates their paychecks. This process is repetitive and time draining. Sometime the time is rounded off for convenience and the result is potentially thousands of data entry errors, which can cost your company money.

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Using an online time tracking app eliminates human error from inaccurate timesheets

  1. Automate time entry with a time tracking app: The best way to combat human error is to automate the time tracking process. Employees won't have to worry about filling out paper forms or punching in and out manually, which means less room for error. They'll just have to login and enter their hours into the system, which can be done on any device with access to the internet.
  2. Pay employees for all hours worked: Make sure employees are paid for all hours worked, even if they didn't punch in on time or take an extended lunch break that day. The more accurate your payroll is, the better your chances are at having happy employees who will work harder because they're getting paid fairly for their efforts!
  3. Have managers approve timesheets before they're submitted: This can help prevent employee theft by ensuring managers know exactly how many hours each person worked that week before submitting payroll reports to HR or accounting departments.
  4. Payroll reports automatically calculate any overtime worked, and correctly adds the time and in each pay period. By using payroll reports that automatically performs this tedious and error prone process, your payroll specialist will have an easier perform payroll each pay period. This frees them up for other tasks, thus saving you money in the long run.

What are the benefits of switching to a time tracking app?

The first and most important benefit is that it will help reduce payroll errors from inaccurate timesheets. This is because when employees clock in and out using a computer or mobile device, there are no mistakes. The system will only accept the exact amount of hours worked for each day, so there is no way for employees to enter "extra" hours or accidentally forget to clock out.

Another benefit is that it will save you time. You can set up your company's pay policies and schedule in advance, then just let the employees know what shifts they have available for them to choose from. This eliminates having to manually input payroll every week, which takes up a lot of your time where instead you can do other tasks related to running a business.

Finally, it's also helpful because it offers a more secure method of keeping track of employee data since all records are stored on our secure cloud server rather than being stored on an employee's computer or phone — this means that if someone loses their phone or laptop, all their previous timesheet records won't be.

How can I make sure that the whole team uses the new time tracking app properly?

Using a time tracking app is that it's easy for employees to use. Most people have smartphones and can access these apps from anywhere, so they don't have to go through the trouble of submitting their timesheet at work or entering information manually into an Excel spreadsheet.

The best way to ensure that everyone is using the time tracker app in a productive way is to set up email notifications. You can set up an automatic email to go out to your managers when they log into the system and another one when they leave it. This will let them know if they've been idle for too long and ensure that no one is arriving late or leaving early.

By implementing a web-based time tracking solution for your business, you'll be able to:

  1. Reduce payroll errors by eliminating manual data entry;
  2. Automatically track employee work hours;
  3. Minimize compliance costs by automating payroll processing tasks; and
  4. Reduce time spent managing timesheets by delegating this task to employees

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