Geofence Time Tracking For Employees At Remote Job Sites

How To Ensure Time Tracking On A Remote Job Site: Geofence Tools addressing time tracking for teams on the job site with steps to make it successful.

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Time tracking with a team at multiple-locations is challenging

Do your employees are in a field that relies on visiting job sites to perform work or provide a service? Does your project management software outsource the time tracking of your time sheets to your phone? If so, have you ever wondered if team members were recording their hours when they said they would.

Employees at one site may have to refer to a time sheet and clocking in/out times for employees at other locations – which can lead to inaccurate time and payroll data.

Geofence tools also allow you to know precisely how much time employees are spending on each job site. If you are managing employees remotely, geofence time tracking tools help ensure accurate timekeeping and can play a critical role in managing the flow of work.

What Is Geofence? Why Do You Need Geofencing to track time?

Geofence is a virtual perimeter around a geographic location. Geofencing is a location-based service where you can create virtual boundaries or perimeters around the office and different client sites and your employees can only clock in when they enter or leave the designated areas. Geofences are very useful in many situations such as time tracking and monitoring employee attendance.

Why Do You Need Geofencing to Track Time?

Geofencing can help ensure that employees are where they should be at the right time. It is especially useful for remote workers who may not have direct supervision or are not under direct observation. The tool provides an efficient way to track their time at each location and make sure that they are where they should be at all times.

How Does Geofencing Work?

Geofencing works by checking employees' location with their smartphones. When an employee leaves their geofenced area, the app will disable the clock in / out screen so the employee has to physically be at the geofenced location if he wants to clock in through the app.

You can set up a geofence around your office or other locations where you want to track people's location. In the payroll and attendance reports, you can view the employee's timesheets with the geofence records.

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Check that the right mobile devices are available to effectively run the app

Most companies have embraced the use of smartphones for time tracking at job sites. But, this can be tricky when you have a remote workforce. To ensure that your team is accurately recording time, you need to know that they have the right devices, know how to use them and feel comfortable with them.

Ensure that everyone has access to their own devices during work hours so they can track their time properly with the tool's features. This may require additional purchases from your company if there aren't enough devices available for everyone in your team already. Typically modern smartphones that are widely available are generally compatible.

Use geofencing to create and manage jobs in the field

Geofences have been used for years by service companies to ensure workers are at their job sites during working hours. They also help improve the quality of service when employees are scheduled to be at their job sites so they don't leave before their shift ends or arrive late for work.

Using location tracking apps can increase accountability among employees. By using geofencing tools that record employees's movement when they enter or exit work areas, managers can hold remote workers accountable for their behavior on the job site. This helps managers ensure that employees aren’t slacking off while working remotely — it also helps them ensure that those who are working hard are recognized for their efforts.

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Ensure workers log in every day using the time tracking app to keep accurate attendance records

Time tracking is not just for employees in an office setting. There are many reasons why you would want to track the time that employees spend on a job site. The most important reason for time tracking at a remote job site is so that you can monitor the amount of time it takes for an employee to complete their tasks and stay within budget.

The first step to ensuring time tracking on a remote job site is to ensure workers log in daily. This can be done by building a habit into the workday, or by setting the expectation that workers will log their time every day.

You can also use geofences to remind your team to check in at the end of each day with their time tracking app. When someone enters or exits that area while still clocked in, they receive an alert on their phone reminding them to clock out. This ensures accurate job site attendance records and helps ensure that everyone gets paid for their work.

Geofence technology can be used to ensure time tracking on a remote job site

Time tracking is a good practice in any business. It helps to identify the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of employees. In addition, it helps in monitoring the workload of your team members and planning their workload accordingly.

Remote job sites often face challenges with time tracking as there are no physical boundaries or limitations to control the movement of employees. To ensure time tracking on remote job sites, you need to develop an effective system that will help you track your employee's movements while they are working at different locations.

The first step is to choose the right geofence app. There are several options available in the market and you need to decide which one is best for your needs. The most important thing is that it should be able to track your employees' location accurately and efficiently.

Once you have selected the right time tracking app, you need to set up a geofencing policy in your company that will tell employees when they should start and stop their workday. You can have different policies for different departments or different jobs based on their nature and requirements.

Getting Your Employees on Board with Your Tracking Needs

You will need to get your employees on board with what you are trying to achieve through tracking their movements in real time. They may be concerned about privacy, or they may not understand the benefits of geofencing. You need to be able to show them how it can help them in their day-to-day work and that it's not something that should scare them away from using the technology. Their location data would be completely transparent and viewable to them, and would only be actively tracked during their shifts.

Geofences help ensure that your employees are where they are supposed to be at any given time and also helps prevent them from going off site without permission. It also lets you know if they're taking longer than expected to complete certain tasks so that you can address the issue and not after it causes an incident as traditional timesheets is not always reliable or accurate and any miscommunication would impact work schedules, attendance or productivity levels of employees.

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