Calendar and Performance Metrics

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You can customize the shift calendars for your staff for single or repeating scheduled events (i.e. weekly or monthly tasks)

The calendar also offers a notes section to record the details of the schedule event. The colors can be customized and coded for each repeated event.

You can also view your staff by their departments or groups to show their overall availability.

Employee Dashboard

On the main dashboard, you can view the latest status of your staff, to find out who’s on duty, and when they have clocked in.

Charts & Metrics

On that Charts page, you can view the daily totals and average clock-in times of all the employees. With the trend data from the chart, you can assess the attendance patterns of your team over a period of time and budget labor costs.

Weekly Email Summary

Weekly time summaries are emailed to your manager accounts so you can keep an eye on the crew, even when you’re on the road.

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